Our Message

 "Start Your Journey"

The Beginning - Slow Beginnings began with a T-Shirt and a Cricut machine. God bestowed upon us the vision, we started our journey and haven't looked back since. SB originates in the backwoods of Long Island, NY where our founder (Tahkai Thomas) encountered some life-long friends & family, Tionné, Damari, Chris, Nate, Maddy and Ron. Our mission is to embrace the journey and focus less on the destination, the best way we can describe this principle is in viewing one's walk with Christ. Yes, Heaven is the goal but our journey to becoming new people, blessing others, and spreading the word of God. If we lived every day just waiting for the riches of Heaven, life would pass us by and opportunities would be lost. 
Our Message - So what is our message, what is the meaning of Slow Beginnings. The entire meaning behind slow beginnings is the journey, it doesn't matter if it takes a day, or 365 days. The journey is the best part of the work. so don't rush to finish anything. Enjoy what you are doing. Don't let yesterday's failure stop you from starting your voyage. you are the captain of your ship, and your ship will only go if you steer it. So get up and begin. START YOUR JOURNEY, SLOW BEGINNINGS.